hello I'm Isabella or Isa and I built this site to improve my coding! enjoy your stay!

02-22-2022: added a few new links to the bookmarks page (which is now /bookmarks.html) as well as a whole new section for software! created a fixed navigation panel for convenience. added new photos to the photo album and updated the navigation panel. also designed some new site buttons, which can now be found on the buttons section under collections.
02-19-2022: updated Nozomi shrine page

02-18-2022: updated my stamp collection.

02-17-2022: fully revamped site with new design. hopefully it looks a bit prettier now!

02-15-2022: released bookmarks (initially titled "e-files") and photo album pages.

02-14-2022: fully revamped about page and added two new features: a spotify playlist and a randomized personal fact generator.